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PTRE Financial & Tax Services’s Gift Tax Preparation

It’s your right to give your wealth away to friends, family members, and other people who might need some of what you have. Gifts valued over a certain amount can be taxed, however. It’s important to keep records of which gifts are given away, and how much the gifts are worth. PTRE Financial & Tax Services is proud to be able to offer you the services of our tax professionals, who know the ins and outs of how gift tax law works, and can help you prepare for your tax season.

Contact us now at (225) 747-5459 for more information on how we can help you with gift tax preparation.


PTRE Financial & Tax Services Offers Customized Corporate Tax Services

American corporations are taxed on many levels. We are proud to offer your business tax preparation services that keep in mind the federal, state, and local specifics of taxes for your business. Tax law for big business tax is subject to many changes as your government works to make sure our financial system works as it should. Taxes are always complicated, but corporate tax is an especially tricky system.

Our Corporate Tax Accountants Help You File Your Taxes Annually

Like individuals and small businesses, corporations are required to file taxes annually. Corporations are also required to file quarterly estimated taxes.

If you’re involved with owners who control multiple businesses, it’s possible you may only have to file a single consolidated return. While this makes certain aspects of your return easier, it’s absolutely necessary that this single return is everything that it needs to be.

We Can Assist With Specific Business Tax Preparation

In addition to the details we mentioned above, there are some corporate transactions that aren’t taxable. This can mean big opportunities for your business or corporation. This includes most corporate formations, some mergers, liquidations, and acquisitions. These specifications vary by state and other location factors. Our professionals know the specifics for your regions and are highly educated about the varying laws in the regions we service.

Understand Dividends With Our Corporate Tax Professionals

If you’re a shareholder in a corporation, you’ll be taxed on dividends. To find out what this means, contact a corporate tax accountant or your state representative. If you are specifically a shareholder of an S-corporation or a mutual fund, you will be taxed on your corporate income. Foreign income tax law may apply to business matters conducted outside of the United States. Luckily, there are also tax credits for foreign affairs.

Contact the Most Qualified Tax Professionals Now

We can assure you that our corporate tax specialists are well-informed, experienced, and ready to fight for your business. For access to our fleet of the best tax preparers, contact us now. We care about sending you into tax season as prepared and knowledgable as you can be!

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